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Assisted Living Questions and Answers


Do you allow pets?

YES, up to 20 pounds and as long as the resident can fully care for it and provide up to date vet records.


Do you have 3 meals a day?

YES, you can choose to eat as many meals as you want. We have 12 hour dining from 7 AM to 7 PM.


Do you have activities?

YES, we have a Full-time Life Enrichment Coordinator/Events Coordinator and many, many volunteers that provide around  3-4 planned activities a day.


Do you have transportation?

YES, we generally have a driver M-F, anything local is at no charge, and anything out of town is a fee.


Can someone stay short term?

YES, we have fully furnished rooms for temporary stays, or someone coming out of the hospital.


Do you take Medicaid?

In Assisted Living, Medicaid generally only covers a portion of services, leaving the rent and excess services to be paid for.  Therefore any resident wishing to use Medicaid must have prior approval by the CEO after a financial review.  


How do I go about getting my parent into an Assisted Living?

Contact our Admissions & Marketing Assistant at 515-236-1960, or Email to get answers to your questions and start the process.


Do you accept insurances?

YES, many long-term care insurances have Assisted Living benefits, and we can file a claim monthly. If mom or dad is a War Time Veteran they may also be eligible for the Aid & Attendance Benefit.


Does Medicare pay anything?

NO, Medicare would only pay for a "skilled" level of care for therapies, not assisted living.


What is the cost?

Depending upon how many services you would like us to provide. We go on a point system for the services needed and have 4 service levels. The rent plus the service level fee add up to the monthly total cost.


Do you take people with dementia?

YES, although we do have to evaluate for safety, and be able to meet their needs, all our doors are alarmed after business hours, and The Cedars has a "wander guard" system to help those that just need an extra reminder.


What should we bring?

Anything that will make you comfortable, and fit in the apartment. Most people are happy with their own furniture.


Do we need to see a doctor before coming?

NO, a doctors order is not necessary, but if there has been recent hospitalizations, or health concerns we would like to review records.


Can we have a car?

YES, we have garages available to rent, or there is reserved parking spaces in our lot.


What if mom stays out late?

She can use the phone at the front entrance to contact the staff on duty to let them in.


Are there washing machines available?

YES, no coins necessary, they are available to use at any time.


Can mom take her own medicine?

YES, we only assist those that need it.


Is there worship services?

YES, once a week we have a worship service.


If mom declines, does she have to move?

Depending upon her health status. We can add services at any time, to allow them to stay as long as possible. That is the convenience of our community: independent living apartments, assisted living, short-term Medicare certified skilled rehabilitation, long-term nursing home care, and Alzheimer’s/Dementia care.


Is there staff 24-7?

YES, we have round the clock staff and an emergency call system. If anyone needs help, staff is there in a matter of minutes.


Do you have a nurse available?

YES, 7 days a week a nurse is on duty. After that shift, a nurse is on-call.


Do you allow electric wheelchairs?

YES, as long as they are safe with it.


Do you take people on insulin?

YES, staff is trained to check blood sugars.


Do they have their own phone number?

They can use the main number with an extension for no charge, or set up an account with the phone company for a personal number. Many prefer having the main number as it eliminates telemarketers.


Who takes them to doctor's appointments?

Family can, if the resident drives, they can take themself, or we can arrange transportation. Keep in mind that Cedars can do blood draws right in the facility, without having to leave. Medical transportation within 30 miles of our communities is complimentary.


Is there food anytime they are hungry?

YES, wait staff is available 7 AM to 7 PM in the dining room but if someone gets hungry in the meantime, we have a fully stocked kitchen.


Can they cook in their rooms?

YES, There is a microwave and refrigerator, and small appliances like coffee makers and toasters are welcome.


What if mom outlives her retirement savings, will you kick her out?

* NO, We realize that by no fault of their own, sometimes we outlive our savings. Madrid Home Communities is a charitable organization and provides funding for rent to supplement what the government will not cover.

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